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Learn How You Can Make Multiple Streams of Income Online Without A Website, Without Product, Without List, Without Customers, Without Advertising – Even If You Are A Total Newbie!


Making Money Happily

Trainees' Success Stories #1:
Remy Chiu,
Apple Macintosh Specialist

I would say that it was my good fortune to have attended an internet workshop conducted by Chris. Otherwise, my perception of the whole internet opportunity would not have changed. I think that would be a sad thing for me and my future. You see, for the last ten over years, I have been working in the environment of consulting, distributing and maintenance of the Apple Macintosh computers. I was called upon to resolve hardware and software problems of my clients.


Naturally, learning the internet stuff as it evolves was on the table. During the beginning of internet, there were not many people good at teaching the internet.

It is often very expensive just to learn the basics. I bought books and went to the library for the information on ecommerce. The perception I got then was that it was very costly to create websites, not to mention the costs involved in implementing ecommerce on the internet. Only the big companies could play the game. I felt there were not anything in it for me, not to mention the risk and bubble burst which added to my skepticism.

When I attended Chris’s internet workshop, I realized how things had changed. He taught me how an individual can easily afford to create online businesses and to start earning multiple streams of income.

Most important his workshop gave me the missing pieces I needed to start with. He taught me what was needed to start making money on the internet. He got me a search-engine-friendly website up in just 7 days for free and without me lifting a finger.

By following his methods, especially his article strategies, in just 3 months my website was able to rank no. 8 spot on Google and progresses to no. 5 spot now out of about 2 million similar websites.

I also applied what he taught me on another website he helped me acquired, and was able to rank no. 1 on Google as well and is still number one now. It really got me excited as income starts flowing in.

I highly recommend Chris’s internet coaching program to anyone who wants a piece of action on the internet. Let him put your passion online and you’ll see how your dreams can come true.

Trainees' Success Stories #2:
Peng Hock and Wee Suan
, Business Owners

About four years ago, we came across the concept of network marketing. With some intensive research, we strongly believe that we can use this to establish our business, mainly for my wife.

We joined two companies, one local company (Skyquestcom) deals with online educational programs while the other (New Image) markets nutritional supplements from New Zealand.


Nevertheless, the business has not been very promising. Based on what I learnt from my MBA course and being a Chartered Marketer, I always believe that Internet can help companies market their products and services to a massive number of customers and help individuals make part-time or even full-time income.

Hence, we decided to explore Internet to see how it can help us sell our products and share our beliefs globally. But for these years, we have not been able to start anything even with the knowledge of my IT degree.

From time to time, we attended some previews conducted by gurus from around the world that claimed to help people make money online. Regretfully, majority of them turned out to be either too technical or too expensive.

Few months ago, we attended a 3-hour free workshop conducted by Chris. We were so impressed with his simple approach to the Internet. At the end of the workshop, we ended up the first to sign up with him for a free website on health ( Shortly after a month, we acquired another website on online education (

We only used the article-writing strategy advocated by Chris for about 3 months on a regular basis “focusing” on the keywords selected, we manage to get our websites rank well on Google and MSN: ranked # 10 on Google Search Engine as at 10 December 2006 for keyword “how to prevent heart disease” competing with 10 million related web pages. ranked #3 and #4 on Google Search Engine and MSN as at 10 December 2006 for keyword “Skyquestcom” competing with related web pages of 35 and 13.9 thousand respectively.

The unique visitors to the web sites increase by as high as 25% each month. Through selling ebooks and Google Adsense, we do make some money though the amount is still not significant.

We were also invited by to contribute articles to their community. 2 of our articles have been published on their website (

The encouraging results of the 2 websites have further strengthened our belief in Internet. We will focus and continue to build our clutter of websites, and are confident that the combination of the two powerful concepts, Internet and Network Marketing, will eventually lead us towards our goals.

Trainees' Success Stories #3:
Philip Teh
, Businessman
The Nature Co. (S) Pte Ltd

I am a traditional off line businessman, I am in my late 50's and not very techno savvy. Recently I attended a 3 hour internet workshop conducted by Chris.

What Chris spoke about put my mind into a new paradigm, I never saw business being conducted in the way Chris described. I realised that I was like a frog living in a well, in a different time warp.


I decided to take action. I attended web design classes, learnt to design my own basic web page, and to pursue my other interests, I started a virtual art gallery.

I have also asked Chris to be my internet coach.

Chris has been peppering me with lots of ideas on how to conduct my on line business. Being a person from the phone & fax generation, I am trying to keep up with his ideas. I see merit in his ideas and I am doing things to make the transition from old paradigm business to new paradigm.

Trainees' Success Stories #4:
, Real Estate Agency (Manager)

Before the Seminar, I had the phobia of making money online. It seems so elusive and technocratic. This is even though I'm a computer user and gamer. Making money from technology & Web2.0 seems far fetch to me. Getting to know about Chris and his methods gives me the confidence to venture into the web with my own very 1st website, with very little capital outlay and resources.


If I had known Chris earlier, I will definitely pick his brain and start making money sooner. His strategies of making money without a website are true and I've definitely benefited from using one strategy that earned me money as an affiliate.

Now with Chris' encouragement, my 2nd website is raking in Big Dollars, all thanks to the effective strategies taught by Chris. If you want to check out what Chris had disclosed in his underground lectures, check out his site at

I've learned that making money online is a process and just like operating a business offline. However, the cost of failure online is ridiculously small and with the internet guru brain of Chris guiding me side by side. The journey to profit is not only enjoyable but even a beginner can achieve it.

Kudos to you Chris, you're really a Star internet marketing in Singapore. I'm glad that Chris is a walking living proof that simple strategies and step by step methodologies in growing a business provide a quantum shift in my believe had cause many newbie to take the baby step forward in starting a online business.

I personally take up the free website offer during the Making Money Happily Workshop. The bonus alone is worth more then the money paid for the course. If you had not made a single cent from the web, you can not miss out this Biggest opportunity in the 21st and 22nd century. If you do not have a website, you do not know what you are missing out. If I can make it, so can you.

Trainees' Success Stories #5:
Steve Seah,

About 2-3 months ago, my auntie told me there is seminar on making money on the internet without website. At first, I was skeptical.. however, after I called one of Chris' student, Lance Teo, I was convince to go there have a look.

During the seminar, I'm very convinced by the fact that Chris is genuinely interested in helping people succeed in Internet.

Steve Seah

Unlike many seminars I went to, most seminar presenters hold back a lot of information because they want you to buy their more expensive courses.

With Chris' first seminar, I was convinced to get him be my coach. Within the 1st month, Chris introduced me to several resources which helped me created my first website

I strongly encourage all those beginners and even those that have been in the Internet business for some time but do not get results to see Chris or attend his coaching session.

Chris' workshop is not Too Technical like some of those out there and most importantly Not expensive. The key point is you will learn genuine secrets and stuff that you can go back to implement right away. No hypes, just real stuff.

By following Chris' advise, I have also started a blogsite and start creating articles (using Elance) to support main site above. I'm now determined to make sure my internet marketing business becomes successful.

Trainees' Success Stories #6:
Raymond Tan
, Financial Planning Consultant

Just 4 months ago, I was just surfing my internet to get the latest financial news and what are the computer technologies in the market. On one occasion, one of my friends introduced Chris to me and I have attended his internet workshop. I have learned a lot about internet marketing tips, how to drive traffic to my website and many others from Chris. With the help of Chris, I got my website up within a very short period.


From that onward, I got “hooked” on internet marketing and it was Chris that made me think out of the box to make multiple-streams of income without facing any customers. I applied the article-writing strategy advocated by Chris, my website ranked no.1 on Google search.

Visitors to my web sites increase by 10% each month. Currently, I am making money online through affiliate links, selling ebook, master resell right products and Google Adsense.

Although I am still a long way to achieve my goals but with my passion, commitment and determination to build my cluster of websites, I have strong belief that eventually I will reach my goal.

Trainees' Success Stories #7:
John Low

Well, refering to the workshop that I last attended, I must say I appreciate very much for you sharing with us the art of writing articles. Since the last time we met, I have thus far got 5 articles published in I have never done that before.

Indeed, I look forward to attending your other courses like "how to drive traffic to the website and autoresponder related matter. Do keep me informed then!

Your workshop presentation was sweet and sharp and easy to follow. I learned many things within the two hours time which would take me months if I would to learn it myself from text books. Very well presented. Thought provoking as well. The live demonstration is very helpful. Despite the time constraint in your presentation, I managed to pick couple of valuable tips and put into a into practice viz article writing. I'm now promoting a couple of affiliate programs through clickbank.

You are a very approachable guru that I have ever come across. You make one feels comfortable talking to you. Oh yes, your group of teammates are also approachable and helpful. Keep it up! I can foresee your future is certainly great!

Trainees' Success Stories #8:
Lance Teo,
Natural Therapist

Chris' make money happily online lessons that I have attended, completely changed my life! Only a year ago I was still looking after a shop. I knew that people's could make money on the Internet, but I knew no way how to do it. After attending Chris Lee's Workshop, I started using his simple method to generate cash online. Like anyone else wanting to be rich, I found myself exploring Internet money making programs.


Athough for the first few weeks I do not see any result, Nevertheless, I never gave up because I knew there was a way to strike it wealthy online. So by the end of the month I finally made a sale with clickbank affiliate program. The result is a big encouragement for me, from there onward, I searched and searched, trying different approaches to the Internet business.

As time went by I started improving and becoming increasingly educated in this field. Just one day I hope "Boom" and all my money problem is yesterday news.

Probably the most important step to making money online is the desire to do it. The key to success on the internet, contrary to so many of the headlines we see, is not in a 'get rich quick' scheme. Some basic foundation must be achieved before you will see any results. To make money online, its not just about study hard, working hard and enduring long hours, instead, go for the latest up-to-date information.

Trainees' Success Stories #9:
Justin Pierera
, Senior Copy Writer

What I can say is that prior to attending your workshop, I had absolutely no clue how other people were making money on the internet. I knew there had to be a way but my knowledge of e-marketing was next to zero.

Your workshop reinforced my belief in the success stories of ordinary people who were making tons of money through the internet. It has also got me more interested in the possibilities offered by the internet.

Your workshop was quite clear and precise in explaining the 'how' of it. Hearing about the success of your former trainees only served to boost my determination to make a go of it. There's nothing quite like a first hand endorsement.

Thanks to your workshop and your help, I now have a website of my own.

I've put some of your ideas to the test by contributing articles to for a start. To my surprise, my articles have been downloaded quite a few times. Plus I've also made my first commission of US$40.00. It is very encouraging.

I am hoping to follow up on this initial success real soon. What's most important is that having tried it myself, I now know it works. And I am no longer skeptical about other people's success stories.

Thanks Chris for showing me how simple making money can be

Trainees' Success Stories #10:
Goh Cher Hon,

Before I attended a 3-hour free workshop conducted by Chris, I was still skeptical of being able to make money from the internet.

At the end of the workshop, I was convinced that it was possible to make money from the internet even without a website. The 7 methods of making money without a website show great potential.

While the workshop is about making money without a website, Chris also stressed that you have more leverage with a website, being able to build a list of customers and prospective customers.

With Chris’s help, I was able to set up a website that was Search Engine Optimised and all I had to do was to pay for the hosting and wait for the website to be completed by a professional in 14 days.

That’s why I encourage people interested in making money online to attend Chris’s workshop in Singapore. After attending it, you get a quick start to doing business online.

I also got people finding my website through various keyword combinations and am very pleased with the following result of search engine ranking for my site within one month.

At the moment, I am working on the buy links for people to buy coconut oil online and also creating an E-book on coconut oil. I am sure that more traffic will be generated for my site and I will make good money online.

Trainees' Success Stories #11:
William Koh,

In the past i used to slog from Eight-to Five, sometimes through the graveyard shift & am tired of begin a slave to money And Want To Start Earning A Full Time Income Working Part Time Hours From The Comfort Of My Own Home.

Then 3 months ago, I met Chris ...

I am impressed by the 7 strategies of making money online without a website taught by Chris. His 2 hours of training makes me realize that there are acres of gold up for grab. With his help, we manage to set up a website on dating & romance - FOC.

At this present moment, i am diligently practicing what Chris have taught & am confident that i will eventually reach my goals.

I highly recommend Chris to people who are sincere, serious and committed to make money online. He is a sincere coach and seminar speaker that really deliver lots of value!

To Your Success,

Christopher Lee
Internet Business Owner and Coach

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